Steps to follow before using the resource within your lesson: 


  1. Download the Zappar app now.

  1. Before using Lanyard Leadership, watch the teacher guidance video first. This will give you guidance on how to use the resource effectively.


  1. Decide how many leaders you want to have within your lesson.


  1. Then simply print off the free Lanyard Leadership lesson for your leaders.


  1. Cut them out, glue them together and laminate them.


  1. Apply your own lanyards, then enjoy facilitating learning whilst your students lead their own and others learning.


Teacher Guidance Videos


Please note that the videos give you a step by step guide of how to use the resource effectively. You may decide to use it in a variety of different ways (the ideas in the videos only give you suggestions).


1. Introducing the lesson objective.



2. Warm up / Huddle time. 


Please note this example of warming up in the video is just a suggestion and shouldn’t discourage you or your students from being creative. It has been recommended to help students have clear expectations and routines at the start of every lesson.

After the students have led their warm up they need to get into a huddle and discuss the theory content for the lesson. If they are unsure of the meaning of the particular theory word they need to zap the card to access the powerpoint. You may decide to have a literacy leader that reads out the theory content to the rest of their group. Please note that students should only spend 2-3 minutes on this aspect (drip-feeding GCSE content every lesson).


3. Skill Drill 



Each lesson the leader should lead the skill drill, reinforcing the three key coaching points for the skill in question. If the students are unsure about the drill they can zap the card and watch the drill.

4. Differentiation/progression 



5. Literacy skills development – learning conversation



6. Mindset development 



Download your free lesson here